Our specialists talk about their work:


  Herbert Wagner, production manager, boosts the customer's benefit

  In close cooperation with all department managers the company workflows and processes are developed and
  adapted, if necessary, in order to generate the highest benefit for the customer. Thus manufacturing processes
  are created with an optimized use of production equipment fully satisfying the customer requirements with regards
  to - quality, on time delivery and price. Because: Our customer interests are always our top priority. „The success of
  our customers is also our success, that way we can offer challenging and secure workplaces in Switzerland for the
  future“ Herbert Wagner states.





   Beatrice Rau, head of secretariat / reception, introduces contact joy in the company

  The ladies in the reception are the face of the Rau AG. Beatrice Rau and her colleague are present in several
  languages on the phone, greet arriving customers and suppliers and look competently after personnel and
  accountancy. Their field of application stretches beyond classical tasks. „We also control receipt of goods and the
  outgoing goods, supervise deadlines and dates and provide the necessary transport documents“, says Beatrice Rau.
  Thanks to support by SAP they are always up-to-date about the expected deliveries and intervene on time if delays
  are expected.

  Mrs Rau was involved in the new organisation of the QMS which she will support furthermore administratively. She is also
  involved in the professionalization in the area of human resource management and apprentice's management where she
  is responsible for the personnel administration.



   André Züttel, Head of Turning department, uses the newest technologies

  „ Our machinery allows the complete range of the turning, our organization extremely rational processes “, says André Züttel,
  head of department turning.

  The machines are running in three shifts, even if the operators are present only during one shift. An intelligent planning and a
  professionally trained staff are the prerequisites. André Züttel refers to the fact that a big part of the employees are with the
  company since their apprenticeship and are familiar with all processes very well.

  Important support offers the new introduced CAM system (Computer Aided Manufacturing). With this software the NC codes,
  which are generated based on CAD data can be read directly into the machine control. Prior to real production virtual tests can
  be carried out in a simulation run. This provides not only a higher grade of security, but also an essential time reduction during
  the programming of the workpieces.


  Jean-Claude Kiechler, Head of Milling department, trusts in "demanding and developing“

  In the department of milling several machines with a variety of usable axes are available to the employees in order to enable
  complete manufacturing of ordered products. This variety makes it possible to produce exact details on cubic parts ranging
  from fingernail size up to 1 square metre. Jean-Claude Kiechler is proud of his team, which consists of experts in their field.
  According to the abilities of the single members he uses the staff task specific.

  „Our strategy is to strengthen the feeling of the employees to be responsible for the quality of their own work“, says
  Jean-Claude Kiechler, the interplay of demanding and developing generates dynamic processes and variety of opportunities“.

  The most modern technology provides valuable services in milling, too. 3D models provided by the customers
  deliver exact information in a way that the programming of the machines takes only a quarter of the time in comparison to
  former times.



  Günter Haberstock, team leader Assembling, counts on experienced employees and a good communication
  with the customers

  The Rau AG is using the wide experience in assembling already in the project phase. Costumers are supported by the
  optimisation of the assembly technology and the choice of standard components. Also in the production an intensive
  collaboration with the customers prevails, e.g. by preparing the assembling and test instructions.

  Günter Haberstock uses his employees according to their abilities and specialities. „Our experienced
  professional people guarantee a proper realization of the requirements in the desired quality – for components in shipbuilding
  as well as in medical technology“, says Günter Haberstock.




  Tobias Lencer, team leader quality, insists on precision

  The overall purpose of the quality control is that parts, which are delivered from Rau AG exactly meet the requirements of
  our customers.  „We are inspecting parts using the most modern measuring and test equipments, e.g. a 3D-CMM with the
  latest technology or a measuring and inspection microscope“, says Tobias Lencer. And this is done not only randomly,
  but systematically.

  During the different phases of the manufacturing and production process parts are taken out of production and delivered
  to the high-class quality control, where they are inspected. Thus the customer receives an outstanding high degree of
  security and quality.




  A good team motivates CNC operator Christof Mock

  Indeed, on Christof Mocks workplace a lot runs automatically thanks to handling systems and bar feeders. However, to
  get a perfect part, the CNC operator with a high quality awareness must select the right tools and program the machines
  very carefully for a fully automated manufacturing. Supervision of the machines which are in the manufacturing process is
  of course part of his responsibility as well as inspection of the manufactured work pieces.

  The Rau AG is the "desirable company" for Christof Mock. Here similar to many other employees he did the four-year
  polytechnic training and was hired afterwards thanks to his performances during apprenticeship. „ I work in an innovative
  environment with modern equipment, the company is open for continuing training and the climate is very helpful and
  considerate“, says Christof Mock. People help each other and give advise in case of problems. This fact and the knowledge
  to work in an industry with secured future, are the important motivating aspects for Christof Mock.



  CNC operator Angelo Ricciardi is a convinced team player

  In spite of his youthful appearance Angelo Ricciardi is working in Rau AG for 16 years already. Like many other employees
  of the company he did his apprenticeship in Rau AG and joined the team afterwards. „ I can’t say whether it is better in other
  companies, because I’ve always felt very well in Rau AG “, says Angelo Ricciardi.

  The work offers a lot of variety and challenges your professional skills every other day. This is a motivation for Angelo Ricciardi,
  because this way there is no opportunity to fall into routine, but to always learn something new. He especially enjoys the young,
  dynamic team. The almost family cohesion, tells Angelo Ricciardi, is so strong that even after work he meets with some of the
  colleagues and from time to time they go out to play a football match.




  Maya Kern (assembling) works in the clean room with the highest precision

  Maya Kern must change her clothes several times a day for her work, because she is occupied quite often in the clean room.
  There she assembles – with gloves, bonnet, in white coat and with special footwear –mechanical parts under the microscope.
  Ultimate precision and cleanness are necessary, and of course a calm hand. „ For this job it is important to start every single
  working step with big care “, says Maya Kern.

  In the clean room you can feel the concentration. Outside there is of course a more lively atmosphere. The collaboration with
  the colleagues Maya Kern feels as very pleasant. And also from management she feels promoted and supported. „ If I have
  questions or run into difficulties, I can report this to the management and always find somebody to listen and advise. “




  Peter Baltensperger, head of apprentice's training, explains why the apprentice's training represents a
  high value within Rau AG

  „Professional and skilled workers are hard to find “, says Peter Baltensperger. For that reason  Rau AG has developed a
  process to periodically introduce young employees to the teams, who have concluded their apprenticeship in house. Those
  that passed the suitability tests of the Rau AG and have shown strong commitment during their apprenticeship have very good
  chances to find of an attractive job in house.

  During the basic courses the trainees learn about conventional turning and milling. Afterwards the basic principles of the CNC
  technology are trained. „We promote and value independent work, our apprentices may take over responsibility quite quickly“,
  says Peter Baltensperger. He is convinced, that the profession of poly mechanic is a solid base for a healthy professional future.