To build good partnership relations - the philosophy of Rau AG


  Partnership and quality

  The core company policy of Rau AG is also the basis of its success - to build
  and maintain good partnership relations with customers and suppliers. Open and
  honest policy with the emphasis on quality, delivery reliability, and value for money
  are just a few of this successful company's maxims.





   Investment in the future

  Against the general trend of short-term profit optimisation,
  Rau AG has a strategy that is aligned towards the future.
  This is reflected in its consistent investment in the most
  up-to-date production resources, its staff, and not least,
  in its apprentices, who receive future-oriented
  technical training.



Responsibility to employees and the environment

Rau AG wants independent and responsible employees, who can work on their own initiative, and who in return
will be able to develop their careers. We do everything in our power to ensure that our company will continue to
develop in the long term. As a family company, we believe that our responsibility to our employees and to the
environment is the most important of all.