Modest beginnings

  The Rau AG of today was originally founded in 1955 by partners
  J. Rau and O. Diener. It all began in the Seebach quarter of the city
  of Zurich where the two young businessmen took their first steps to
  independence by providing piece-work for industries in the surrounding area.


  Two years later they moved to a lager workshop at Oerlikon. In 1961 the two
  partners agreed to continue their careers in separate ways. Two separate
  companies were formed from the original firm.


1964 - 1979


  New building in Bülach

  In 1964 the company, now called J. Rau, moved to its new built premises
  at Solistrasse 60 in Bülach. With its careful business and financial policies,
  and the far-sightedness of the company's founder, Josef Rau, the company
  continued to make steady progress through the ups and downs of the economy.






  Transformation into a joint stock company

  In 1975 the sole proprietor company J. Rau changed its form to become a family-owned
  joint stock company known as Rau AG. As it developed its own products and with the increasing
  importance of custom manufacturing of precision mechanical components for a selected
  clientele, the company once again faced space problems, which would be resolved only
  by extending.




1980 - 1994


Entry into CNC-Production

Even then one of the clear objectives was to keep up with the fast-moving developments in technology. So, as early as 1980,
the company moved into CNC manufacturing with the first CNC lathes and milling machines. By the end of the 1980s Rau AG
owned a considerable collection of very modern multi -axis machining units and lathes.


Own training workshop

As the job market began to get tighter, an in-house training workshop was set up in the mid-1980s. Today this is used to train
twelve multi-skilled mechanics.

In 1991 Josef Rau's son Daniel joined the company; he has since become the general manager. The technological advances
of 1993 resulted in heavy investment in production resources, and once again led to an acute space problem which was solved
only partially by further building extensions in 1995.


1995 – Today

  Grand scale new building

  In 1995 the quality system, which already existed at Rau AG, was categorised into an
  overall operational ISO 9002 Quality Management System and awarded official certification in
  the same year. It also became apparent that only a further radical expansion would relieve the
  company of its constant need for space and create optimum flow of material. At the end of 1996
  the grand new building was inaugurated, doubling the amount of production space.


First volume production for automotive industry

In 1998 the company adapted itself to become system supplier and the apprentices' workshop was incorporated into the production area.
The following year the company started its first volume production order for the automotive industry. For the first time Rau AG was handling
manufacturing orders for annual quantities of over 100'000 units. A new era was heralded in 2000 with the first machining centre with pick and
place machines. And in 2003, with our system engineering expansion into semi-conductors and medical technology.


50 years Rau AG

In 2005 we had the pleasure to celebrate with our customers, suppliers, employees and their families 50 years Rau AG. In the same year we
could strengthen our presence in the area of analysis by the manufacturing of complete laboratory instruments. The year 2006 was shaped by
the development of our assembly competence with the installation of a clean room, in which we manufacture highly sensitive assemblies for an
application in the HF-radio range. The following two years were shaped by further important investments into automation with the installation of a
linear pallet-pool for 3 horizontal machining centers, in fully automated turning center for the manufacturing of bicycle hubs and the linkage of two
5-axle-machining- centers with an part-feeder robotic. Additionally we also upgraded our measuring possibilities with the procurement of a
3D-measuring-machine with scanning technology.


  On into a new future

  The success of the enterprise made further spatial adjustment necessary in the year 2009.
  Based on an architectonically attractive building extension the Rau AG improves internal
  logistics again significantly and establishes the infrastructure and the space for the further
  development. At the same time we analyzed also our organization and management structure
  and made the necessary modifications and expansions for a successful development in
  the future.