Apprenticeship for multi-skilled mechanics

Each year two to four apprentice at Rau AG are given the opportunity to train to the highest level of multi-skilled mechanics.
We are extremely proud that we have the most up-to-date machining environment and resources available. With a specific
apprenticeship training on the most up-to-date machines, we are able to ensure that new generations of skilled workers will
be available for the various departments in our company.

Apprentice are integrated early in production

The captive apprenticeship is practical and complies with the requirements of the industry. At Rau AG we believe that it is
important to keep up with the latest state of manufacturing technology, to develop new ideas, and so be able to guarantee
our strength, which are accuracy, keeping to deadline, problem-solving - not to mention our price policy. We are keen to
integrate apprentices into the production process as quickly as possible, so that they can start to implement their own
solutions and their creativity for themselves.


Apprenticeship in logistics

In the apprenticeship as a logistics specialist we attach great importance to a modern and targeted training of young people.
Be it in the raw materials warehouse - with the delivery of each department - or the semi-finished and finished products.
This includes for example the storage of SAP, domestic and international transports and if qualified the creation of
export documents and much more.